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eCPcTM Dongle Connectivity step by step guide:

Step-1- Connectivity - Uncap the eCPcTM dongle, Look for HDMI Port on your Television, Insert eCPcTM dongle in the HDMI
port. (Use HDMI extension cable if your TV HDMI interface doesnot allow device to be connected directly)

Step-2- Power - eCPcTM dongle is power by a USB cable. If your Television comes with a USB port you can connect the
USB cable directly in to USB port on your television.

Step-3- Keyboard Mouse - eCPcTM comes with a WiFi integrated Keyboard & Mouse. Connect keyboard dongle in to USB
port of the eCPcTM dongle.

Step-4- Now switch on your TV, use source button on your TV remote to select the appropriate interface where eCPcTM
dongle is connected.

Step-5- As soon as dongle boots up, select the launcher option to get in to the smart TV desktop.