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eCPcTM computing solutions one of Quadpro Infosoft’s benchmark innovation product which provides easy to use computing platform at
a very low cost & low power consumption solution. Which is powered by Arputer’s breakthrough innovative technology solution MCAAS
platform, based on cloud computing.

The primary thought behind the eCPcTM is to make every house hold in the society experience entertainment as well as computing in
their TV’s to utilize most out of it even without spending much on hardware & electricity for a another computing device.

What is an eCPc


Dongle /



Actually it is a mini computer with the operating system eCPcTM. This allows you to easily view HD movies, eCPcTM games or surfing
the Internet. Also chat via video calls is possible through Skype, for example via a Web Cam. You are backed by the Arputer
backed up software solution support with unmatched backup through secured 256 bit encryption file storage. Which can be
accessed from anywhere with a net connected Device. The possibilities are truly endless.

Work as personal computing
WPS Office
Word Document
Spread Sheet
Power Point Presentation

Streaming movies through example:
MX Player

The games via the Google Play Store to download are wildly popular, examples are:
Candy Crush Saga
Angry Birds

Not only the free 'simple games' as mentioned above are possible, but also realistic shooters or racing games in High Definition.
eCPcTM is very fast in this area is growing, this is partly because eCPcTM is an open platform. Here are some HD games through the
You get easy access to your favorite apps, thanks to the seamless integration of Google Play Store. Because you have access to
Google Play Store you access to thousands of Apps / Applications / Programs.

Here is a small sampling of what you can do with an eCPcTM Dongle / eCPcTM Box:

WPS Office (Document / Spread Sheet / Presentation)
Photo editing
Playing Games
Youtube Video
And lots more..

The eCPcTM Sticks are often not much bigger than a USB stick. The eCPcTM Boxes are slightly larger, but also much more outputs
such as multiple USB ports. Connect your eCPcTM TV Stick / Box to the HDMI input of the LCD / LED TV and make it a Smart TV
that will surpass your dreams. The possibilities are much wider as a Smart TV. This is of course the eCPcTM operating system.

Some eCPcTM Sticks and eCPcTM boxes are similar to the Apple TV Box, most are even better! Another advantage with eCPcTM is that
there is much more available for free, such as the thousands of free App's through the Google Play Store to download.

Which you control an eCPcTM Dongle / eCPcTM Box?
- With a traditional USB or Wireless Mouse / Keyboard.
- Use your Smartphone or Tablet.