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Greetings from IDEK, an initiative with a vision of making learning an enriching and joyful experience.

Hands-on learning is learning by doing.

Hands-on learning helps to understand learning concepts better and gives a sense of accomplishment when the task is completed. It also helps to transfer that experience easily to other learning situations. When more than one method of learning is used as in hands-on learning, the information has a better chance of retention.

Efficient Approach to Efficient Infrastructure

RUBENIUS provides the solution, funding and execution of utility efficiency projects in energy, water and public lighting anywhere in the world. Benefit from a grounded, stepwise approach backed by proven results encompassing infrastructure solutions such as Energy Storage, Intelligent Public Lighting, Smart Metering and Smart Grid enabling of power and water supply networks. Our project teams deliver end-to-end tailored Smart Grid solutions that upon careful integration will be set to unleash the value of increased efficiency.

We are a boutique technology company with customer-focused innovation strategy. Our uniqueness is the ability to convert great Ideas into successful Products by INNOVATION. Using our customer-focused product development and technology consulting practices, we empower our customers to commercialize product ideas with unmatched speed and fidelity. Our deep domain knowledge on cutting edge technologies enable us to deliver superior customer-engineering and system-integration services to our customers. With our unique engagement model and customer-first strategy, we deliver world class technology solutions using Open Source Technologies.

We are partners to Srijan Bhumi Infotech Pvt. Ltd. A Software and innovation driven company with solutions for campus management (School, College, University), Hospitality Management, Hospital Management and Public Service solutions like Police App etc. Their unique solution in Tamper Proof Certificates and Digital Locker is what we pitch to our clients.

Our partnership with Avery Dennison business is only a year old and we share one vision: to make brands more inspiring and the world more intelligent. Their adhesive technologies, display graphics and packaging materials make products more engaging and brands more compelling. They bring greater clarity to surroundings, more insights to inventories, and add value to the information consumers and business demand. From apparel branding to consumer packaged goods; from vinyl graphics to RFID tags, Avery Dennison innovative functional materials play powerful roles in everyday lives. Avery Dennison sets the standard high, with cutting-edge adhesive technologies and materials that inspire packaging trends across industries and around the globe.

Quadpro Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Is partner to an Indian company inspired into existence by the lack of cloud computing know how and gap in personal computer accessibility to the general public, Novatium has now matured into a powerhouse for managed computing solutions in government, educational and enterprise levels with customised Mobile Devce Management solutions integrated seamlessly into our clients requirements.
Novatium has worked with a number of State Governments for development & deployment of software solutions based on their requirements. This includes software solutions lke secure content management, MIS dashboards, mobile aplications, secure & collaborative classroom solution, local & hybrid online document sharing solution, cloud-based streaming solution, customer support system and customer relationship management to name a few.