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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to connect to a WiFi network?
Ans. Go to settings from application menu or Task bar > Enable WiFi option > Select your WiFi Network > provide WiFi Security Key to get connect.

Q2. How to login to personalized desktop?
Ans. Click on Home icon on the task bar on the bottom of the screen > click on MyPc option on the launcher menu > Provide login credentials to login to your personalized desktop.

Q3. How to connect Internet?

Ans. You can access Internet once you connected to WiFi or USB data card (Please refer to WiFi or USB data card connectivity guide for more information).

Q4. How to configure my USB data card?
Ans. Connect your USB data card in to the USB hub provided in the box > click on USB data card connection option available in your desktop.

Q5. How to connect camera?
Ans. Connect your camera USB cord in to USB hub provided with the eCPcTM Box. Launch Camera application to access your camera console.

Q6. How to Logout from Personal desktop?
Ans. Click on power icon available on top right corner of your screen.

Q7. How to access my personal desktop from mobile?
Ans. Once you finish registration on personalized desktop, Link to download personal desktop will send to you by mail or sms. Follow that link in your mobile device to access your personal desktop.

Q8. How to download applications?
Ans. Click on Play Store icon inside application menu & search your desired application to download.

Q9. How to access my stored files from other computer?
Ans. Follow the link provided post registration on your mail/sms to download the personal computer space to access your stored files.

Q10. How to access my personal desktop from any other PC?
Ans. Follow the link provided post registration on your mail/sms to download the personal computer space to access your stored files.

Q11. How to connect Bluetooth?
Ans. Enable Bluetooth option in the settings menu to connect Bluetooth devices.

Q12. How to make Skype calls?
Ans. Install skype from play store then create a Skype account to make Skype calls.

Q13. How to browse internet?
Ans. Ensure that you have connected to internet through WiFi or USB dongle then use browser to browse internet.

Q14. How to connect Ethernet network?
Ans. Currently eCPcTM doesn’t comes with a Ethernet port, whereas you can connect to Ethernet using Ethernet to micro USB convertor.

Q15. How to access my other home computer desktop through eCPcTM?
Ans. Download RDP client application from the play store > configure your home PC ip address and login credentials in RDP client
application  (Ensure you have connected your home PC and
eCPcTM dongle to WiFi and your home computer enabled with remote desktop connection)

Q16. How to sync file to cloud storage?
Ans. On your personal desktop > access cloud sync application then follow on screen instruction to setup cloud sync.

Q17. How to connect eCPc dongle to my HDMI monitor?
Ans. Connecting HDMI port on Television & Monitor is similar. Follow eCPcTM connectivity guide.

Q18. How to check my eCPc usage analytics?
Ans. Access your personal desktop application on your mobile device to check your usage analytics.