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Features of



Plug & Play to any TV which is enabled with HDMI interface.
Full HD enabled display @ 1080p.
WiFi/Wired Key board/Mouse.
Converts your TV in to a computing device along with personal computing space for each family member using cloud technology.
Each user enabled with their password protected personal computing space which is highly protected with 128/256 bit SSL encryption method.
Each user can access their computing space from the TV at home as well as their smart mobile device or any other computing device with an Internet
Connection from anywhere in the world.
Customized work space for each user based on their requirement.
Stream Audio/Video at high resolution HD 1080p.
Connects to home wifi Access Point/Mobile hotspot/USB data card.
Connect your existing computer/Laptop right on your TV screen through RDP.
Each user can be controlled access to application, login & website access through user management studio.
Time based access control can be applied on user accessibility.
End of the day users can see their analytics i.e usage duration, applications accessed, websites accessed in a graphical dashboard.
Virus Free environment.
Cloud backup space for free.
40 GB internal storage memory (user 35 GB.)
No need to spend on huge computing devices, software or antivirus
eCPcTM computing solutions one of Quadpro Infosoft’s benchmark innovation product which provides easy to use computing platform at a very low cost & low power consumption solution. Which is powered by Arputer’s breakthrough innovative technology solution MCAAS platform, based on cloud computing.

The primary thought behind the eCPc
TM is to make every house hold in the society experience entertainment as well as computing in their TV’s to utilize most out of it even without spending much on hardware & electricity for a another computing device.

TM dongle is micro PC form factor computing platform which not only converts any TV in to a computing device but also enables personal computing space for each member of the family.




Technical Specification:

• Power adapter 1.5 Watt
• HDMI Cable
• AV cable
• Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
• USB Hub
• OTG Connecter
HDMI Interface Micro PC form factor
1.6 GHZ Quad Core Processor
40 GB Internal Storage (35 GB usable)
1 Standard USB Interface
1 Micro USB Interface
Wifi Hotspot
Power input DC 1.5 Watt